Programme Officer, Financial Cooperation and Technical Support, Bonn

United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)
The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) is the focus of the political process to address Climate Change. The Convention secretariat is supporting the Convention and its Kyoto Protocol by a range of activities, including substantive and organizational support to meetings of the Parties.
Closing date: 27 Nov 2008
Location: Germany - Bonn

The Programme Officer is part of the Financial and Technical Support programme. Fostering the integration of sustainable development and climate change priorities, the Financial and Technical Support programme focuses on supporting the efforts undertaken by non-Annex I Parties.

The Programme Officer is responsible for leading and monitoring the development and implementation of a secretariat-wide strategy for capacity-building and outreach activities in support of the Convention and Kyoto Protocol processes. Within delegated authority, the Programme Officer will be responsible for the following duties:

1. Managig and developing the Capacity-building and Outreach sub-programme team.

2. Monitoring, analysing and providing recommendations to the Manager, Financial Cooperation and Technical Support on the adequacy and content of technical reports; the implementation of decisions relating to capacity-building and education and outreach. This includes: analysing the relevant information, identifying the technical and political implications of the different options, liaiseing with relevant Parties, IGOs, United Nations agencies, other conventions and other programmes in the secretariat; and ensuring follow-up actions.

3. Providing substantive backstopping to consultative and other meetings and conferences relating to work on the capacity-building, education and outreach issues, to include proposing agenda topics, preparing briefing notes, conducting comprehensive reviews and evaluation of implementation of capacity-building and outreach, drafting documents, in particular of a complex technical nature, background papers, sections of reports, etc; making presentations; and assisting the chairs of contact groups during negotiations.

4. Providing substantive and organizational support to the Manager to achieve internal consistency in approaches to capacity-building and outreach in the secretariat by promoting coordinated approaches to capacity-building and outreach within the secretariat, and by facilitating internal information flow. Seeking external consistency in the way partner organizations implement capacity-building activities by engaging colleagues and teams working on capacity-building and outreach activities in partner organizations, in incorporating UNFCCC objectives into their own, to the extent possible.

5. Coordinating the development of networking and information system activities relevant to the work of the programme; generating survey initiatives; reviewing; analyzing and interpreting responses; identifying problems/issues to be addressed and initiates corrective actions.

6. Participating in the planning and preparation of the unit's core and supplementary budget funding (sub-programme/project preparation and submissions, progress reports, financial statements, etc.) and preparing related documents; facilitatig the development of, and fund-raising for, projects on relevant issues, as necessary.
How to apply
In order to apply for this vacancy please only use the on-line application system available at by clicking on the ?apply? link next to the vacancy announcement: Qualified women candidates and candidates from developing countries are especially encouraged to apply
Reference Code: RW_7L2FSA-43
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Tags: Climate Change; Developing Countries; ERP; Financial Statements; Project Preparation; Sustainable Development; Technical Support