Unit Chief, Vienna

Organizational Context

* The Procurement Services Unit in the Operational Support Services Branch of the Programme Support and General Management Division is responsible for all functions related to purchasing of goods and contracting services for the delivery of technical cooperation programmes and projects in the Organization as well as for the requirements of UNIDO Headquarters (HQ) and the Vienna International Centre (VIC).

* Under the direct supervision of the Director of the Operational Support Services Branch, the incumbent is responsible for managing and leading a team of 5 professional officers and 10 support staff to plan, develop, implement and monitor the delivery of procurement services ensuring timely and cost-effective results that serve the best interests of the Organization.

Main Functions

* Plans and manages a complex range of procurement activities in excess of Euro 50 million per year in expenditures for worldwide procurement of a broad range of goods and services, including the authorization of exceptions to established rules, practices and procedures, as necessary and ensuring competitive, timely, transparent and effective procurement activities on a wide geographical basis. These include procurement for all equipment and contracts for services for UNIDO technical assistance projects and for UNIDO HQ and the VIC, the insurance of technical equipment in the field and handling of claims; signing of equipment purchase orders and contracts for services on behalf of the organization; screening and signing submissions to the Procurement Committee for major equipment and service contracts; reviewing justification of waiver of competitive bidding and authorizing and signing statements of award, purchase orders and contracts up to Euro 1M.

* Processes major complex procurement cases and prepares technically and legally complex contract documents tailored to the requirements of the procurement case, including legal and financial terms such as scope of contractor's and project counterpart's responsibilities, performance guarantees, warranties, contractor's liability for non-performance, terms of payments and progress payments, conditions of performance bank guarantees, insurances, etc.

* Advises and liaises and collaborates with senior staff of other divisions managing projects where equipment and sub-contracting components are involved, to analyze current and forecasted procurement needs including specific complex and/or critical procurement proposals of significant financial or operational impact, to prepare procurement plans, to determine appropriate strategy and approach to meeting the procurement needs of programmes and projects. These include providing guidance in local (field) procurement and sub-contracting when delegated to UNIDO project managers and other field staff.

* Keeps up to date on major trends and best practices in the field of supply chain management, in particular, the procurement services, and incorporates innovative practices in the review and revision of procurement policies and procedures and develops strategies for the implementation of such procurement policies, practices and reforms.

* Leads a team of staff conversant with procurement and contracting services, providing technical and specialized guidance, planning and allocation of work assignments, advising and reviewing the work undertaken by other staff members under his/her responsibility; ensuring effective utilization, supervision and development of staff; providing sound and innovative advice on a wide range of procurement issues and problems and being catalytic in creating a team environment focusing on facilitation of substantive expertise. In this respect, leads and motivates a team to excel in individual specializations while ensuring coordination and synergies, thus contributing to the strategic management of the Procurement Services Unit.

* Develops proposals for computerization and automation of the procurement processes and, after their approval by the Management, leads and supervises their implementation.

* Collaborates at all levels with internal and external stakeholders as well as other strategic partners such as commercial organizations, vendors and consulting firms, Permanent Missions to UNIDO, purchasing and contracting offices of other UN and specialized agencies, Resident Representatives of UNDP, UNIDO Representatives, project managers and field staff to discuss, negotiate and conclude purchasing and contracting matters. Represents the Organization at relevant technical meetings, with the overall objective of coordinating the implementation of effective procurement services and being a credible voice of the organization for all activities related to procurement.

* Undertakes other related duties and assignments as required.

Required Competencies

* Advanced knowledge of procurement activities and practices to act as a credible voice of the organization in this area. Advanced level in communication (spoken, written and presentational) including ability to present and defend difficult issues and positions to senior officials. Advanced level in negotiation to build consensus and agreement in concluding major procurement services and contracts. Established team leadership qualities to build effective teams including ability to effectively lead, supervise, mentor, develop and evaluate groups of staff. Proficient level in strategic thinking with demonstrated ability to influence future development of work practices that contribute to efficiencies and effectiveness of procurement staff and systems. Proficient computer skills, particularly in procurement computer systems, spreadsheet, database management and Internet applications.

Minimum Requirements

* Advanced university degree in business administration, commerce, engineering or related field. Additional study or training in law, or a recognized qualification in procurement an advantage.

* A minimum of 10 years progressively responsible professional experience in managing high volume industrial procurement operations, of which at least 5 years at the international level, and which include a proven record of managing and delivering complex procurement programmes and services and of developing and disseminating best practices in the field.

* Fluency in English. Working knowledge of French and/or German particularly with a knowledge of commercial terminology in these languages, desirable.

Closing Date: Thursday, 20 November 2008

Tags: Database Management; ERP; Effectiveness; Industrial Procurement; Permanent Missions; Procurement; Project Manager; Support Services; Technical Cooperation