Business Development Specialist (Broker), Angola

Closing Date: Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Tags: Capacity Building; Case Studies; Civil Society; Corporate Social Responsibility; Development Finance; ERP; Economic Development; Feasibility Studies; International Relations; Investment Analysis; Investment Promotion; Poverty Reduction; Private Sector; Pro-Poor
United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
Closing date: 12 Nov 2008
Location: Angola

Background Information.

The Growing Sustainable Business (GSB) initiative seeks to broker ?pro-poor? investments that are both commercially attractive and address local needs. By focusing on specific investment opportunities, this project complements the efforts of other government and donor projects to improve the business and investment environment and address other macro-economic factors.
The GSB initiative adds value to companies along three core areas: information (highlighting opportunities, providing case studies of successful business models); local relationships (brokering relationships with local partners, engaging government to address regulatory barriers) and capital (co-funding feasibility studies and capacity building, bridging access to development finance). These activities serve to reduce the risk for business to make these investments and help prove the viability of the commercial case for the investment. Revolving around the trust placed in UNDP, its country office network, its impartiality, and its unique ability to convene, facilitate, and create space, the GSB initiative stimulates market driven solutions to poverty through concrete business investments.

Worldwide the initiative is active in 14 countries and in 54 projects with partners from the local and international private sector. The GSB initiative is now on the process of being launched in Angola.

Therefore, UNDP seeks to hire an experienced professional to initiate, establish and coordinate the GSB initiative in Angola.

For more information on the GSB initiative worldwide please check at our website:

Functions and Expected Key Results:

Under the overall responsibility of the Deputy Resident Representative Programme of the UNDP Country Office and the GSB HQ in New York, the Broker is expected to:

1) Analyse the current Private Sector Development landscape in Angola in order to identify the potential for implementation of investment projects within the GSB selection criteria:
- It is expected that the broker will engage in a detailed fact-finding, including a critical analysis of existing pipeline ideas to assess the viability and timelines for potential GSB partnership projects. This will serve to define realistic expectations with regard to investments that can be initiated.
- This will include a special focus on the needs for further TA and capital and an assessment of the potential for partnerships to provide these.

2) Broker new GSB investments:
- Engage prioritized potential projects/companies in discussions and negotiations; present to target and intermediary organizations ? this will likely include some research and customizing of materials for key meetings.
- Follow up, monitoring, supplementary research and other actions required to pursue negotiations and bring companies into the GSB process (e.g. accepted by the GSB steering committee)
- Facilitate contacts between the private sector, government, civil society and financing partners

3) Ongoing Operational Support for GSB:
-Engage and sensitize all major stakeholders while establishing and maintaining close relationships with relevant companies, NGOs, business associations, donors, and UN agencies.
-Establish and maintain the GSB programme in the country of assignment, including organisation of relevant meetings and establishment of a Steering Committee, setting up project alliances, and provision of secretariat support.
-Provide continuous support to GSB project alliances in terms of facilitation and provision of needed knowledge and administrative support.
-Ensure coordination and maximize synergies between GSB with other ongoing UNDP and other donors PSD initiatives, such as AEP (Angola Enterprise Program).
-In addition, it is expected that the broker will assume the role of Special Advisor to UNDP Country Director on matters related to Private Sector Development.
-Provide strategic orientation and day-to-day supervision to the GSB Programme Assistant.

4) Support UNDP Country Office in mobilizing resources for the GSB:
-Support the UNDP Country Office efforts in mobilizing resources for the GSB programme.
-Help the UNDP Country Office to define a business model to support the medium-term sustainability of the GSB operation.

5) Reporting and Communications:
-Regularly liaise with the GSB HQ team and other national GSB brokers in order to share lessons and resolve common challenges ? it is expected that the broker will contribute to the intellectual development of the GSB program with new ideas/suggestions based on field experience.
-Reporting: The broker will have a dual monthly reporting relationship with:
1) The UNDP Deputy Resident Representative Programme through and in collaboration with the UNDP CO Programme Manager
2) The global GSB Program team: Direct reporting line to the GSB Global Program Manager who has overall responsibility for the program.
- Report on a quarterly basis on progress vis-à-vis a clear outline expected results and on general level, report on annual basis on work plans and elaborate yearly work plans for the Deputy Resident Representative Programme in CO.
- Report to the local Project Board on a quarterly basis.
- Preparation of various communication initiatives, including a GSB brochure, newsletter and input to the GSB website.

6) Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E):
- Track progress of the M&E indicators defined for the GSB projects in the pipeline against development objectives, expected impact and project timelines in line with GSB operational tools.

7) Targets:

Within the first 4 months:
-Detailed situation analysis, including assessment of investment opportunities on the basis of quantitative data, with the objective to define the scope for GSB to catalyze new pro-poor investments. This shall lead to the formulation of sound project selection criteria allowing the prioritization of partnership proposals.
-Detailed Annual Work Plan and Final Quantitative Targets for the Project Outcomes and Outputs
-Development of selection criteria: The analysis shall also serve to revise expectations and project targets as listed below and adjust if necessary.
-Identification of 2-3 viable GSB project ideas with partners firmly committed to undertake investments within 9-12 months. Clear specification of requirements for these investments in terms of provision of capital and Technical Assistance.
-Establishment of a Project Board

Within the first 9 months: identification of 5-7 project proposals

Within 12 months: at least 2 GSB projects should start the implementation phase.

Impact of Results:
The GSB Broker is expected to successfully launch and implement the GSB initiative in Angola, including but not limited to the brokering of investment projects that have a direct and measurable impact in poverty reduction and contributes towards the achievement of the MDGs.

At the end of the 24 month assignment, it is expected that at least 4 investment projects will have been implemented, generating increased employment, better linkages between local companies and large FDI projects and an overall more inclusive private sector.

Qualifications, Skills and Competencies:

- Master?s degree in business, economics, international development or international relations, with strong academic performance.
- Good knowledge of the local socio-economic and cultural context in Angola, including very good understanding of the business situation in the region and the opportunities for new investments (alternatively previous experience in post-conflict areas would be an advantage)
- Ability to broker and convene productive coalitions between business, government and development partners
- Substantial relevant work experience (at least 7 years); ideally significant business/private sector work experience in strategy/operations roles with some knowledge/experience in the region or similar environments; experience in investment promotion and other broker positions would be advantageous
- Good understanding of development policies in general and pro-poor private sector
- A detailed understanding of ?pro-poor? investments and their potential to contribute to development; some understanding of contemporary thinking around corporate social responsibility (CSR) and its impact on business investment.
- Excellent relationship management, communication and analytical skills
- The ability to understand and provide critical analysis of business models, including thorough quantitative skills for the evaluation of investment projects. The candidate should be able to perform standard investment analysis (IRR, DCF, etc.) and financial modelling of business models; experience in evaluating/negotiating deals would be highly advantageous
- Interest in understanding the roles and values of UNDP as well as the UN Global Compact.

The following would be strong assets:
- Distinctive experience in working in the private sector on issues of business strategy, operations or new business development. Particularly some experience in the development of supply chains would be of advantage.
- On-the-ground experience related to issues of economic development and entrepreneurship
- Previous working experience in the country/region, and knowledge of the local business environment


Fluency in written and spoken Portuguese and English is required.
How to apply
Send your application together with a motivational letter to Subject line should read: Application for Business Development Specialist (Broker) Post
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